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For NonCon VI all kinds of sci-fi/fantasy/gaming/anime events are being planned. There will be rooms open 48 hours during Con weekend.

Click here to download NonCon VI's schedule.

If you tell us about a game you'd like to run at NonCon, we will advertise it for you.

Here are a few specific events that we've already planned:
  • From Squire to Knight - WORLD PREMIERE
    Classical Compositions on a Console RPG theme
    Erica Kudisch (Vassar '06) presents a concert of original music using texts and themes from Final Fantasy, Vagrant Story, Xenogears, Suikoden, and Chrono Trigger. In addition to performances by students, enjoy performances by Todd Crow, the Tourmaline Quartet, Sylvia Buccieli and Ann Churukian.

  • Halo Tournament
    NonCon and the campus Halo Club (sponsored by No Such Organization), present a Slayer style tournament, open to all NonCon attendees. The winner walks with a brand new XBOX360. Sponsored by No Such Organization.

  • Dance Dance Revolution Tournament
    Get ready to Dance Dance yourself into the hands of a brand new XBOX360. We'll play a typical versus tournament. Good luck.

  • Magic: the Gathering Tournaments
    Alterniverse will be hosting two Magic tournaments during the weekend for prizes. Check back for more details on format and prize.

  • Regency Ball
    Formal early 19th-century ball prompted by dance historian Susan de Guardiola to live music by the Walkers. Period costume is encouraged but absolutely not required. Everything you need to know will be taught at the event, so come dance with us.

  • Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot Tournament
    The winner of our Master Tournament will receive a Lord of the Bunnies signed by Jeffrey Neil Bellinger (creator) and Jonathan Young (artist). Play in any qualifying round for a seat in the Master Tournament.

  • Looney Labs Game Demonstrations
    Play Fluxx, Chrononauts, Icehouse Games and more with the creators. Learn to play new and exciting games from Looney Labs.

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No Such Convention VI: March 3,4,5 2006