The official list of panels has yet to be decided upon, but here's a list of some of the ideas floating around in our deranged little minds. Items in bold will be scheduled unless some bizarre event, such as an alien abduction, were to prevent us from doing so.

  • Cannon from the Cannon
  • Fandom Death
  • How to write your own LARP
  • How to produce your own LARP
  • Alternate Worlds - Philosophy and SciFi.
  • Indee Films
  • Modern Horror
  • I cast detect shoes!
  • Internet Editorialist
  • Book Readings by Guests
  • Urban Fantasy
  • Geek is chic/Goth is Hot
  • Print vs. Electronic
  • Saif yells at Goldfish
  • Live-journal
  • No shit there we were...
  • Urban Mythology
  • Pirates - why are they suddenly cool?
  • When fandom becomes academia
  • Factions in Fandom
  • Frink Fnord and Frood - What do they mean?
  • Wet T-Shirt con chair: Canceled due to too much interest. (snicker...)

Feb 27 - Feb 29
Poughkeepsie, NY
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