Old News

Jan 27th 2004

Jan 26th 2004

  • Added a new links sections, with web pages containing related material.
  • Modified side banner images.

Jan 25th 2004

Jan 7th 2004

  • Added biography of Mike McPhial to the guests page.
  • Fixed the "G" in register graphic.
  • Cleaned up deathmatch page.

Dec 7th 2003

  • Vassar Students! Come to the nonCon study break! Remove yourself from the stress of study week and enjoy some geekery. Villard Room Thursday Dec 11th 5-9pm.

Dec 1st 2003

  • Added descriptions to some of the guests.
  • Corrected some grave spelling errors.

Nov 23rd 2003

Nov 18th 2003

Feb 27 - Feb 29
Poughkeepsie, NY
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