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March 11th 2004

  • That's it folks! NonCon 4 is over. Sounds like everyone had a great time! Expect NonCon 5's website to be up soon.

Feb 26th 2004

  • NonCon is tomorrow! The events page now gives specific times for all events.
  • Check back later today, there should be more descriptions of the video games/tournaments that are being held.

Feb 18th 2004

Feb 14th 2004

  • Important! NonCon registration will not be held in the Villard Room this year! The entire con is located in Rockefeller Hall.
  • Come to NonCon and get a free copy of Eye of the World by Robert Jordan.

Feb 8th 2004

  • Added new guests.
  • Made greatly needed updates to the location page.
  • We've decided to try something new with our media room this year. See the events page for more details.
  • The list of panels has changed.

Feb 6th 2004

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