Guests At NonCon

This year's guests: we'll keep you informed as more confirm

  • Cassandra Claire: fanfiction writer, Vassar graduate, and journalist, Cassandra Claire is best-known for her "Draco Veritas" series in the Harry Potter fandom and her Lord of the Rings "Very Secret Diaries."
  • India Edghill: author of numerous short sf and fantasy stories, as well as File M for Murder (available in ebook format), and most recently Queenmaker: a Novel of King David's Queen, India Edghill is also well-known for her involvement in the Star Trek fandom. More information about her can be found on
  • Jason Marin: Vassar graduate, intellectual property attorney with Cooper & Dunham LLP, and founder of Dawnfire Games, Inc.

Past (2002) guests:

  • Rosemary Edghill: author of dozens of sf and fantasy novels, including (but certainly not limited to) the Twelve Treasures trilogy, Beyond World's End (with Mercedes Lackey), and two X-Men novels (as eluki bes shahar). More info can be found about her on
  • Googleshng: columnist for, and designer of "Tyranny," described as "The Demonic Diceless RPG."
  • Kurt Lancaster: "Kurt Lancaster is the creator of the video-streaming web narrative, Letters from Orion ( and the co-author of Building a Home Movie Studio and Getting Your Films Online (Billboard Books, 2001). He is also the author of Warlocks and Warpdrive: Contemporary Fantasy Entertainments with Interactive and Virtual Environments (McFarland, 1999) and Interacting with Babylon 5: Fan Performances in a Media Universe (University of Texas Press, 2001), as well as the co-editor of Performing the Force: Essays on Immersion into Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Environments (McFarland, 2001). )"
  • Matt Leger: artist, web designer, and filker; more information about him is available on his webpage.
  • Jamie McGonnigal: English dub voice actor for a number of anime series, such as Weiss Kreuz/Knight Hunters (Omi) and Magic User's Club (Takeo)
  • Tony Ruggiero: author of numerous works of sf, fantasy, and horror in both ebook and paperback format. His books include: Team of Darkness, Get out of My Mind, and (forthcoming) Aliens and Satanic Creatures Wanted: Humans Need Not Apply, and Mind Trap. More about him can be found at his webpage.

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