Events at NonCon

Noncon 2003 plans to offer you more of the same events you've come to love, as well as some changes in programming.

  • Video Screenings: Those of you who enjoyed last year's Paranoia3 will be glad to know that NonCon 2003 will be premiering Zen for Free's new film, Tequila Killer.
    You can contribute to NonCon 2002's selection yourself! Here are some guidelines for video submissions [link fixed].
  • RPGs: Expect not only games in various well-known systems (AD&D 3rd ed, World of Darkness, etc), but also demos of games you may have never heard of.
  • LARPs: Every year, NonCon endeavors to bring you one LARP that will promise entertainment. This year will be no different. (I'm told that last year's LARP, "Streetwise," was exceptionally good).
  • Tabletop, Board, and Card Games: In the grand tradition of NonCon's past, our all-hours gaming room will bring you more table games than you can shake a stick at--a perfect way to fill up a spare hour or two.
  • Filk: All-night filk arrived with NonCon 2002, and we hope to bring it back again this year... so pack your chocolate-covered espresso beans!
  • Video Gaming: With NonCon 2003, we hope to return NonCon's video gaming room to the glory it knew in 2001, with a number of systems and games-- old, new, and rare.
  • Anime: As usual, our anime rooms will be filled with a mix of classic favorites and brand-spanking-new series. Never got the chance to see [well-known series]? Want to see the latest episodes of [brand-new series]? Fear not, NonCon 2003 aims to please.
  • Dealers....: As always, there will a dealers room in which to fritter away your hard-earned cash. It wouldn't be a con without one.
  • Panel discussions: We know you're all really in it for "Fandom Death Match." But NonCon 2003 will offer its usual blend of panels, serious to silly.

What else? Costuming? Bands? LAN gaming? Geek dances? It's still early, so be sure to check back.

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