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NonCon, or the NoSuchConvention, is a convention for fans of science-fiction, fantasy, gaming, and anime. It is put together by the Nonhuman Student Organization (NSO) of Vassar College, an sf/fantasy/gaming/anime organization on campus, and is held on the Vassar College campus in Poughkeepsie, NY, every year (well, so we hope) in the month of March. NonCon is a convention which aspires to bring together many divergent interests in the "geek" field, and reflects the widely divergent interests of the members of the NSO, and, we hope, the convention-going population at large.

NonCon started out as Multiplanetary Awareness Weekend, a one-shot event by the NSO which is a shadow of what NonCon is today. MpAW, as we lovingly called it (with a silent "p" ^_^), featured guests Esther Friesner and Paul Levinson, panels on sf and fantasy with Vassar professors, a Cheeblemancy session, and a dinner with professors and guests.

It was the beginning of next year, with the new NSO officers, that the idea of turning MpAW into a full-fledged convention was born. We were slow getting started with this idea, and greatly understaffed, in truth. Just coming up with our name, the NoSuchConvention, or, as we are more commonly known, NonCon, took a look meeting in which we laughed over many alternatives (how do you name just another con, after all?) But, nonetheless, NonCon 2001 was advertised, a webpage was created, guests such as (once again) Esther Friesner, Trina Robbins, Rosemary Edghill, and Pete Abrams were invited, events were planned, programs were made, and, amazingly, people came. NonCon 2001 boasted 125 guests from on and off campus, a fair number, for a first year con. (For more information, you can look to the NonCon 2001 webpage).

With such encouraging success, we are continuing in this (albeit young) tradition, and bringing you NonCon 2002.