At Noncon 2002, we plan to bring you more of the events that made NonCon 2001 great (or at least moderately enjoyable)

  • Video Screenings: Troma Films will be our guest this year, which means we will be bringing you such classic entertainment as Cannibal: the Musical, Tromeo and Juliet, the Toxic Avenger series, and the like. But we still have space and time to fill, and we are looking for even more fine quality entertainment to complement this selection. If you have short films of any types--that means anything from music videos to documentaries to videos of your backyard barbecue--we want to see them. Please see our submission guidelines for more details. You won't gain fame or fortune, but maybe you'll go home with a handy-dandy plunger.

  • RPGs: Already NonCon 2002 has tons of RPGs planned for you; from games in the AD&D 3rd ed system, to a repeat of last year's Werewolf: the Apocalypse game, to new and home-brewed systems and games--more details here! Don't miss the appearance of Jason Marin, creator of Dawfire Games, Inc, and NonCon 2002's gaming guest. And if you would like to volunteer to run a game, please contact the gaming coordinator.

  • LARPs: This year's LARP of the con will be "Streetwise," a new LARP from Reality Merchants, Inc. More details here.

  • Tabletop, Board, and Card Games: NonCon 2002 offers you our 24 hour open gaming room. Yep, that's right; that means you can argue all night over a game of Diplomacy, Illuminati, Chez Geek, Kill Dr. Lucky, or whatever game you want to play.

  • Filk: Don't miss this year's filk selection, with well-known filk guest, Matt Leger.

  • Video Gaming: Once again our video gaming enthusiast Kevin will bring you video gaming on multiple systems, new, old, and obscure--everything from the Neo Geo Cart system to the XBox. More information available on Kevin's webpage.

  • LAN Gaming: We've discovered that we have a space at NonCon 2002 for LAN gaming; and we want you to be part of it! If you have a computer you can bring and want to be part of this, please email the gaming coordinator with your name and information, and indicate your OS and any ideas for games you'd like to play. Space is limited!

  • Other gaming: NonCon 2002 also presents "How to Beat Your Dad In Chess: An Interactive Panel." National Chess Master Vince Klemm will demonstrate some easy combinations to improve your chess game, for everyone from the casual player to the tournament intermediate. Basic understanding of how the pieces move is all that you need to enjoy this presentation.

  • Anime: NonCon 2002 will bring you everything from classic anime, such as Bubblegum Crisis and They Were 11, to brand new series such as Hellsing and One Piece. Watch anime as few have seen it before--on the big screen! Also, don't miss our Lupin-a-thon, bringing you 10 hours of the classic series (and Japanese cultural phenomenon) Lupin III. With help from fans and con attendees, we may even be bringing you a selection of anime music videos. To submit one, follow the submission guidelines.

  • Dealers....: As always, there will a dealers room in which to fritter away your hard-earned cash. It wouldn't be a con without one.

  • Panel discussions: This year's theme for panels is "New Media, New Millenium: Moving Towards a Digital World," so expect some exciting conversations on that topic, as well as some panels purely for your amusement.

  • Outdoor Events: In the grand tradition of NonCon 2001, we present you with our Annual Cancelled Outdoor Event: Mini-Golf (bring your own equipment). Hey, you might not get to play, but you'll get to walk around all day in those dorky golf pants.