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There is no such convention!
NonCon has the full name No Such Convention, and it is a gaming, sci-fi, fantasy, and anime convention. It is a small convention (last year's total attendance was around 200), held at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, New York. NonCon VI will be held on March 3-5 2006. It is a 48 hour convention; at no time does the convention shut during that weekend. You can learn more about NonCon here.

If you have questions about the convention, contact the chair. For information concerning the website, contact the webmaster.

Open Call to GM's
If you have a game you'd like to run at NonCon, tell us and we will advertise it for you.

What's New
  • 02/27/06: Schedule Released! Click here for PDF.
  • 02/18/06: New events listed on the Events page, and new flyers available on the Publicity page
  • 02/11/06: We've purchased two XBOX 360's for tournament prizes
  • 02/08/06: We've flyered Vassar Campus with Teasers advertising the Con and two of our spotlight tournaments
  • 02/01/06: We've consolidated our lists of guests, dealers and panels. Welcome (back) guys!
  • 01/28/06: We've got catering! And all the rooms reserved we could ever want.
  • 01/25/06: We've confirmed more guests.
  • 01/08/06: It's the anniversary of the Con Chair's illustrious birth.
  • 12/20/05: We've got an expanded ConCom. Welcome aboard, guys!
  • 12/11/05: NonCon Preview: We had a Super Smash Brothers tournament in order to get some attention. The winner walked with a PSP.

No Such Convention VI: March 3,4,5 2006